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Tea packed loose or in a bag – A look at a controversial question

Are you a passionate tea connoisseur? The aroma is important to you and you prefer your tea loose?

For many years, a controversial question has dominated the tea world – using tea bags or pouring loose tea? Many tea drinkers assume that the bag tea is of a poorer quality and prefer their tea loose. In general, both variants offer certain advantages. Tea bags are durable, cheaper than loose tea and more practical in everyday life. Novel pyramid tea filters offer tea more room to develop its aroma. Mostly you will only find common teas like East Frisian tea, rooibos tea, fruit tea, peppermint tea, sage tea or fennel tea. Specialities with Bach flowers, hemp tea (hemp leaves), buckwheat tea, jiaogulan tea or calamus tea are only available as loose tea. If you want to make your tea loose, you need more time & of course the right equipment from infuser to tea cup.

Green, Chinese or english tea? Brew tea loose & enjoy

A glance at the countless tea varieties from all over the world shows you the versatility that tea (loose) offers. We drink fine white tea, Moroccan mint, St. John’s wort, ginger or Ceylon tea. Whether green tea, pomegranate, mistletoe tea, Chai tea, Himalaya tea, mint tea or Matcha tea loose – a cup for breakfast or after a round of golf is an absolute pleasure. When buying loose tea such as Earl Grey Tea, purifying tea, relaxation tea, flowering tea, buckwheat tea, hibiscus tea or lime blossom tea, it is highly recommended to ensure the best possible organic quality. You put a certain amount of leaves, chrysanthemums, jasmine or lavender into a filter or tea strainer and leave the tea to soak loosely (steep).

From herbal tea to forest fruit and yogi tea: loose tea – better for your health?

Many tea drinkers prefer tea loose. Especially varieties like Detox, Ginseng or Fit Tea are very popular with women who want to live healthier and pay attention to calories in the sense of a slim line. The different types of tea each require a different brewing time. For example, black tea tends to have unpleasant afterbitter if you let it steep too long. The right container such as a pot or tea glass is an important utensil if you want to make tea in bulk. A noble tea flower comes into its own as loose tea in a glass teapot. A tasting package contains different types of tea and is also recommended as a gift set. If you are looking for a suitable gift, you are sure to find the right gift idea thanks to the wide range of accessories, even tea packed in bulk is welcome. Various tea varieties such as red clover, green tea, yarrow, mate, herbal tea or peppermint are ideal as tea sets.

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